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As our valued customer, we want to provide you with the most professional help possible. If you cannot do something and you don't find the solution for your problem in our Knowledge base or in the manuals, we can help you using this remote help system. Our Netviewer software allows your PC to be controlled remotely by us. We can see what you see, and we can demonstrate or carry out tasks for you live on your computer.

If you know what to do, please call us on the phone number: 1/254 2026 and download the remote application.


Get Instant Help from GetOnline

1. To get instant help you should get the software from our server by choosing the right software. Move the mouse over the GET HELP menu and choose "I have a PC" or "I have a Mac".

2. We explain the download process for the Firefox users first.

Firefox a. When you've chosen your version, you will see this window. Click on the 'Save File' button on this window to save the file.


Firefox b. Select the location where you would like to store the file. We selected the Desktop. Click on the 'Save' button to save the file.


Firefox c. A new window appears on your screen with the filename on it. When the download process is finished you can click on the 'open' link beside the file you downloaded.


Please scroll down to the step number 3.


Explorer a. If you are using Internet Explorer and you've chosen your version, this message window appears on your screen. Click on 'Run' to run the application.


Explorer b. This security message appears. Click on 'Run'.



3. After you run the application, this screen opens.

4. If you are not on the phone with us, please call 1 254 2026 and ask for a 'Session Number'.

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